1. What are the characteristics of ARTBYCORK products?

Cork is a raw material. As such, each ARTBYCORK item is unique. 

Cork has a vast list of properties which makes it an extraordinary material. It is very resistant and durable, flame-retardant and flame-resistant, resilient to scratches, light and flexible, anti-allergenic, eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable. Like any genuine natural material, it is possible that it will darken with the passage of time, without loss of its intrinsic properties.


2. Are ARTBYCORK products water resistant?

Yes. They are water, snow, and hail resistant.


3. How to clean ARTBYCORK products?

HOME & DESIGN:  Clean the cork surface with a damp cloth and a mild soap, when necessary. Do not machine wash. Not suitable for microwave use.

When in contact with water, cork will temporary darken; allow to dry thoroughly before putting your cork object away.

BAGS: Clean the cork surface with a clean, soft cloth, mild soap and warm water. Remove any excess soap with a damp cloth. Let air dry.